ginny gaylor



I've had the pleasure to work with Ginny for over a decade. She is a passionate individual and a true master of her craft. Ginny is an amazing writer, copy editor and task master. She works at a speed unlike any other I've ever seen, and her accuracy is remarkable. Ginny is the person you need to call if you want someone on your team who can get the job done with a high level of quality and professionalism. I am personally grateful to have been able to work with her all of these years, and I can truly say that much of the success of my company is due to her hard work and diligence.
–Christine Xoinis, Co-founder & CEO, Ethos Creative Group

Ginny Gaylor is creative without being "out there,” precise and correct without coming off as pedantic. In short, she’s a working person’s writer and editor, and that’s high praise in my book. Oh, and another thing: She’s inclined to say “yes” first, so you can imagine that put her at the top of my list whenever I needed help. Want to confirm if she’s right for your project? Just ask her about the Oxford Comma. Go ahead, ask her …
–Mark Burris, Founder, Burris (now 54)

The range of work I have entrusted to her (Ginny) should give insight into her versatility as a communications professional: She has written catalog copy, profiled bankers, reviewed books, researched and updated articles as a fact-checker, written branded content and lifestyle features and proofread pages prior to publication. Ginny is always positive when I come to her with a challenge, and she pays attention to how her work will fit into my company’s communications’ goals overall. She’s incredibly focused when she’s working and handles multiple, simultaneous tasks confidently. She’s never missed a deadline.
–Britta Waller, Editor, Pace Communications

As Ms. Gaylor’s former supervising editor, I found the quality of her work to be excellent. She is an experienced, creative and talented editor and writer, who handles complex projects exceptionally well and works easily and effectively with multiple clients.
–Selby Bateman, Editorial Director, Vitality Communications

Ginny has been a wonderful writer to work with. She produces high quality work, on time, and is responsive to all feedback. She has taken on sometimes challenging projects with ease, asking the right questions and providing helpful suggestions. I know that I can count on Ginny to see a project through, from start to finish and highly recommend her for any project.
–Kimberly Hunt-Lowrance, Content Project Editor, Cengage Gale